Another stupid 'my corner of the web' blog. I plan on this being my outlet for frustration long after my friends have died of boredom listening to me rail for/against "The Man". Then, instead of complaining, I'll just point my friends here!



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Get your seats early. This place is a good after-hours bar. Come 2 am, this place gets packed. Like Tai's till 4, but better. I'm surprised I've never been here before, but the crowd is tons and tons of fun.

Don't underdress; you'll be surprised at who walks into this place. I'll be back for sure; good music, good bartenders, great crowd, 4+ am; what's not to love?

Not a bad pickup scene, either. You'd be surprised what 3 foolish drinkers can do with a little bit of charm. If you take a date, prepare to chase some people off; this isn't a meat market, but its crowded and late. Even on a Tuesday.

I met a commodities trader with a name you wouldn't believe. I haven't yet decided whether or not its reasonable blog-ettique to post names, so I'll leave it off. Maybe I'll ask her at dinner whether she minds; I'll have to figure out a way to not creep her out with the question. Let it suffice to say that her name brought on the day.

Oh, and watch out for the nude performance artists. They'll get you everytime.


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