Another stupid 'my corner of the web' blog. I plan on this being my outlet for frustration long after my friends have died of boredom listening to me rail for/against "The Man". Then, instead of complaining, I'll just point my friends here!


And they laughed at Bozo The Clown, too

Not sure if anyone gets that, but there's a quote about Einstein, saying they laughed at him, Edison, and others.

One of the fun things about being self-employed is that it can do a huge number on your self-esteem. When business is good, life is _very_ peachy, after all its all on your shoulders. When business is bad, life is very depressing. No one else to blame (except the government, money grubbing bastards ;-) ).

I'm in the process of re-launching our premier odor control process. This is a very exciting time. Once upon a time, the primary person responsible for marketing this compound died, and the project was basically shut down. I came upon it, and was very impressed with our scientific results. 4 months later, after trial packaging, and a few more test results, and a new production run, we are ready to go.

Coming to a porta-potty near you! Chemical companies do interesting things, don't they......


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