Another stupid 'my corner of the web' blog. I plan on this being my outlet for frustration long after my friends have died of boredom listening to me rail for/against "The Man". Then, instead of complaining, I'll just point my friends here!


And there are the ferragamos. Funny what you'll find if you look. /wink hippofussokrit


Best article title of the year.

"Police whack giant snow penis"

By far the best article title of the year.

This is absolutely great. Some couple built a snowman, and a giant snowpenis in their front yard. Policeman drove by, assumed it was a prank, and decided to whack (it down) for them.

They did it as a favor, however, now they are worried that all the publicity will result in giant snow penises all over town.

Biasotti worries the display might give others ideas. "Now we're going to get snow penises popping up all over town," he said.

Many scholars, of course, trace the origin of the modern-day yule log to ancient pagan totems to virility and sun-god worship. Is that what Sherer was going for?

"We just did it because we were really bored, and we thought it'd be funny," she said. "It was huge."

I, for one, welcome our giant snow penis overlords.

Undating...funny how that adjective/verb has come up three times this week. What is even more coincidental is that it is the premise of a book that was bought for me by one of my "undatees" on Sunday, titled "Adventures of a Salsa Goddess". (Yes, I love salsa dancing and undatees that buy me books).

Funny enough, this book (almost 100 pages in) has mentioned merely two pages about salsa dancing and is pretty much based on a woman over 40 who has never been married, but takes on an assignment as a columnist to hook a man before the end of the year...hmm, I am intrigued yet neither apply to me...or do they (well not the over 40 part), how think I could be 40 and never married. HAH! Knowing me, well maybe you do, but I think i'd be on husband 3 by then!

So the book takes you on this adventure of the woman who goes on "undates"... the relevance, is that its just what seems to work out for my compadres and I these days.

Funny how things seem to work when we avoid labels...many that I know are label whores, Gucci, Fendi, Prada..umm I dont know..Ferragamo, but when it comes to dating...nope- no labels, just friends!

Dating Sucks, relationships are worse, but friends...there is the key to your lets all undate, drink together, dance together...and well, build giant snow penises together until we find the undate that fits like a glove!

Moral of the story, dont buy a book that you think is really about salsa dancing just because it says so in the title!

My first post...woohoo, its a bit intimidating..but not really, becuase in the end what does it really matter what others think of what I write...or what I think for that matter. Just read and enjoy, and comment freely...


And that, ladies and gents, is how it starts. The Redhead Piano bar is generally a great place to hang out, even on a Monday. Absolute craziness; we tried Wrightwood Tap, The Beaumont, Mystic Celt, Blue Bayou, Katacomb, Hunt Club, and every single place was DEAD!

But the Redhead? Absolute Madness. We walk in the door, and there's a catfight at the bar. Sweet-sugary liquor shot goodness. This place is definitely going on my list of 'happening Monday-night spots'.


We have a new member on this blog site.

Hippofussokrit is her handle. This should be interesting, she and I rarely see eye to eye. Perhaps the flaming will get interesting. She's an acquaintance of mine, and felt that she could contribute a little more flair than I would. We'll see, eh?

Another reason not to buy Sony products.

This is utter, utter BS. I cannot believe that Sony tries to pull this crap. To those who may be reading this: I'm sure your already aware, but Sony's been testing various copy protection scheme's on their CDs.

Several of the newest ones actually open up your computer (assuming you are a disadvantaged Windows user) to attack by viruses. Hilariously, each and every one of the fixes released by Sony BMG has included additional security holes. One of them even permitted arbitrary websites to install anything on your system and required administrator privledgies to run.

Frankly, its no longer safe to play AUDIO cds in your Windows PC. Your system WILL get screwed up.

And the music industry wonders why people move to Limewire and the like. Your a lot safer, and your computer will be tampered with less, if you pirate your music rather than purchase it. This says something rather sorry about the state of the industry. Frankly, I cannot understand why P2P is a judicial issue, rather than a political issue. There are estimates that roughly 40 million Americans have used P2P in various forms for improperly downloading copyrighted materials. That number is significantly higher than the number of people required to determine a presidential election. Surely, once illegal behavior reaches such large numbers that it borderlines 'majority' usage, one should reconsider the laws restricting this behavior?

Copyright isn't a god given right. Copyright is a government CREATED monopoly for the sole purpose of advancing the arts and sciences. In a democracy, one would think that the practices of the majority would soon become law, except in cases of gross ethical violation. *shrug*. Doesn't make any sense to me. One day, I hope that some politican realizes that there might be quite a bit of mileage in switching sides from pro-Intellectual Property to anti-Intellectual property.

One day.

Oh, and you RIAA-trolls; its not theft. Never was. It's not codified as theft in law, its not represented as theft by the judiciary. Don't call copyright infringement theft, because it never was, and never will be, unless you redefine the term 'theft'.

Those stupid commercials you now see on every DVD, "You wouldn't steal a car, you wouldn't steal a DVD, why steal a movie?"

No Such Crime. It's impossible to steal Intellectual Property. If I could actually steal Intellectual Property, I could sue the orginial creator for copyright violation. For me to steal a copyright, I'd actually have to end up with ownership over the copyright. And guess what; when I download a movie on Limewire, I don't get that right.

No Theft Involved. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. Go Directly to Jail.


Everyone's Dancing!

Originally uploaded by dollar_nutsncents.
Everyone's Dancing!

Here, everyone is on the floor. Mighty fun, small dance floor, lots of people, strong drinks.

As all good nights should go, this is how adults have fun! Met a beautiful, tall Turkish girl. Gave her my phone number, we'll see if she calls. Name has been reserved to protect the innocent.

I really, really need to get a better camera phone. My current one is utter crap.


Originally uploaded by dollar_nutsncents.

This Arabic restaurant rocks. Very fun times. Was there for one of my cousins's friend's birthday.

In this shot, you can ALMOST see my cousin dancing with the belly dancer. Who was incredible, actually. Best belly dancer I've ever seen.



I've received considerable criticism that I'm not whining enough here. So, I whine.

Recovery going well. Nasal suction is a very bizarre sensation. There's really nothing weirder than having crap vacummed from your nose using suction. You feel like your head is being turned inside out. Once its over, your sinuses and nasal cavities feel remarkably good. It's a very interesting experience, and something I always wondered about as a child; why do I have to blow my nose, why can they just suck out all the snot?



What hurts more than having a 6" tube of rubber foam pulled from your nose?


Having another 6" tube of rubber foam crammed into your nose without any painkillers.

Damn. That REALLY hurt. My doctor is shocked that the bleeding hasn't stopped. "Your one in a hundred." I guess he's happy that it wasn't another severe hemorrhage (however that's spelled). Both nostrils are still bleeding, however the left one was minimal enough that he said it was optional as to whether or not I wanted another sponge.

No Fucking Way.

Anyways, this sucks. I'll have to be a doctors a couple times this week. At least I'm not bleeding out. The continually drip drip drip from my nose is amazingly annoying. If it doesn't stop in the next few days, I'll have to go into surgery again. Hopefully my throat will hurt less by that point. Hopefully, it'll stop.


A picture is worth a thousand words

But I didn't have anytime while I was on the way to the ER, so I'll have to make up for it in words. Surgery went well. Tonsils barely even hurt at all.

Sinuses are still dripping blood. Apparently will do so for the next 48 hours. However, on the way home from the hospital, something went wrong. While we were in traffic. All of a sudden, I had a gusher of a nosebleed. Given the way Chicago traffic works, this meant 1:30 hours till I got to the nearest ER. By the time I got there, my blood pressure was low, may faces (from forehead to chin) was dripping blood, I was beyond paniced, and the car seat was nicely stained. I managed to soak a bath towel.

Very exciting. There was a mirror in the hospital, and nothing is quite as scary as the sight of yourself with your whole face covered in blood, dripping down your neck and chest. That should be a subpoint in a Lacan mirror stage. My mom's playing nursemaid, and she's had to inject a coagulant into my nose every hour to try and get it under control. It's still bleeding; doc says that'll continue for the next two days.

Yuck. Now I need to figure out a good way to get dried blood off of skin. Especially from inside my mouth.