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Another reason not to buy Sony products.

This is utter, utter BS. I cannot believe that Sony tries to pull this crap. To those who may be reading this: I'm sure your already aware, but Sony's been testing various copy protection scheme's on their CDs.

Several of the newest ones actually open up your computer (assuming you are a disadvantaged Windows user) to attack by viruses. Hilariously, each and every one of the fixes released by Sony BMG has included additional security holes. One of them even permitted arbitrary websites to install anything on your system and required administrator privledgies to run.

Frankly, its no longer safe to play AUDIO cds in your Windows PC. Your system WILL get screwed up.

And the music industry wonders why people move to Limewire and the like. Your a lot safer, and your computer will be tampered with less, if you pirate your music rather than purchase it. This says something rather sorry about the state of the industry. Frankly, I cannot understand why P2P is a judicial issue, rather than a political issue. There are estimates that roughly 40 million Americans have used P2P in various forms for improperly downloading copyrighted materials. That number is significantly higher than the number of people required to determine a presidential election. Surely, once illegal behavior reaches such large numbers that it borderlines 'majority' usage, one should reconsider the laws restricting this behavior?

Copyright isn't a god given right. Copyright is a government CREATED monopoly for the sole purpose of advancing the arts and sciences. In a democracy, one would think that the practices of the majority would soon become law, except in cases of gross ethical violation. *shrug*. Doesn't make any sense to me. One day, I hope that some politican realizes that there might be quite a bit of mileage in switching sides from pro-Intellectual Property to anti-Intellectual property.

One day.

Oh, and you RIAA-trolls; its not theft. Never was. It's not codified as theft in law, its not represented as theft by the judiciary. Don't call copyright infringement theft, because it never was, and never will be, unless you redefine the term 'theft'.

Those stupid commercials you now see on every DVD, "You wouldn't steal a car, you wouldn't steal a DVD, why steal a movie?"

No Such Crime. It's impossible to steal Intellectual Property. If I could actually steal Intellectual Property, I could sue the orginial creator for copyright violation. For me to steal a copyright, I'd actually have to end up with ownership over the copyright. And guess what; when I download a movie on Limewire, I don't get that right.

No Theft Involved. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. Go Directly to Jail.


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