Another stupid 'my corner of the web' blog. I plan on this being my outlet for frustration long after my friends have died of boredom listening to me rail for/against "The Man". Then, instead of complaining, I'll just point my friends here!


Undating...funny how that adjective/verb has come up three times this week. What is even more coincidental is that it is the premise of a book that was bought for me by one of my "undatees" on Sunday, titled "Adventures of a Salsa Goddess". (Yes, I love salsa dancing and undatees that buy me books).

Funny enough, this book (almost 100 pages in) has mentioned merely two pages about salsa dancing and is pretty much based on a woman over 40 who has never been married, but takes on an assignment as a columnist to hook a man before the end of the year...hmm, I am intrigued yet neither apply to me...or do they (well not the over 40 part), how think I could be 40 and never married. HAH! Knowing me, well maybe you do, but I think i'd be on husband 3 by then!

So the book takes you on this adventure of the woman who goes on "undates"... the relevance, is that its just what seems to work out for my compadres and I these days.

Funny how things seem to work when we avoid labels...many that I know are label whores, Gucci, Fendi, Prada..umm I dont know..Ferragamo, but when it comes to dating...nope- no labels, just friends!

Dating Sucks, relationships are worse, but friends...there is the key to your lets all undate, drink together, dance together...and well, build giant snow penises together until we find the undate that fits like a glove!

Moral of the story, dont buy a book that you think is really about salsa dancing just because it says so in the title!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dating, Undating, Labelss, Gucci, Drinking, blah blah blah...

These issues mean nothing, huh?

Moral of the story? Don't judge a book by its cover ;-)

Except for giant snow penises. Everyone should feel free to judge giant snow penises at face value.

Oh, and marriage. Where does that fit in, in a world of undating? Perhaps marriage should come later, once all the drinking and partying is over with.

Sign me up when I'm dead.

5:32 PM

Anonymous Daniel said...

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Anonymous Victoria said...

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