Another stupid 'my corner of the web' blog. I plan on this being my outlet for frustration long after my friends have died of boredom listening to me rail for/against "The Man". Then, instead of complaining, I'll just point my friends here!


Opening up shop...

This blog needs more posts. God knows why I let it get out of hand like this. Back to the grindstone, I suppose.

Politics, technology. Something. We'll see which comes out first.


Blogger Joshua Salik said...

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11:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over on Slashdot the other day, you mentioned that "If you like, I'll send you a pile of broken, newish MS keyboards/mice." I have a use for exactly that, (and would be perfectly happy to pay shipping!) You can get ahold of me at rhandir on gmail.
[over in this post: ]

Thanks bunches,

10:07 PM


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