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In Defense of Genocide.

It's interesting, isn't it. This conflict between Israel and Lebannon. Obviously, Israel (and it's primary supporter, U.S.) would like to portray this as part of the war on terror, but when civilian casualities, and Lebanese financial damage out weigh damage done to Hezbollah, it is difficult to see it differently.

This conflict makes me rather sad for humanity. I'm shocked at the U.S. reluctance to call a ceasefire, and I'm shocked that the supposedly realist policy makers in both the U.S. and Israel don't understand that destroying the Lebanese state creates more, not less, room for terror. This does not contribute to Israeli security, and the ability of the Hezbollah to operate for over a month against the Israeli military has immeasurably harmed the deteriant power of the IDF.

That being said, I'd like to draw attention to one thing said by an Israeli general:

'Our forces there are doing very well,' said Brig. Gen. Alon Friedman, chief of staff of the northern command, on state television. 'We are deepening our hold. We will continue designing and stabilizing the area.'
`There is still resistance'
'It must honestly be said,' he added, 'that there are villages that are not purified, are not clean, and there is still resistance. Probably during the next few days . . . we will see fighting that will not be simple or easy in the villages.'"

Note that this General is not talking about peace or security. He is talking about cleansing the area of Hezbollah, for ideological reasons. That Hezbollah is an extremist terror group, even if that is the IDF's sole reason for action, is a sideshow. The rest of the Arab world will see these sorts of idiotic statements as an acknowledgment of their beliefs in Israeli racism, Israeli aggression, and a validation of the greater war between Judaism and Islam.

This is the closest conflict we've had to true ethnic cleansing since the Yugoslavic war. The rhetoric of the IDF would resonate with Nazi elements of society, if only it hadn't been spoken by Jewish mouths. Furthermore, the Israeli embargo of Lebannon, and the Israeli assault on Beirut's infrastructure is criminal; and in violation of the very UN resolutions that Israeli is pretending to uphold.

I do not see how Israel could possibly believe that this will end well. If peace is not given a chance soon, I expect to see Ahmadnejad's vision of Israel's extermination soon, and I do not expect to see the majority of the world shed many tears. "Start a conflict, and expect to get burned."

For those with an undying belief in Israel's military superiority; consider: What if Hezbollah had actually managed to procure WMD, as American terror analysts have been projecting for a decade an a half? What if Iran had supplied materials from North Korea or criminal ex-Soviet elements of undergorund Russia to Hezbollah? Hezbollah has already demonstrated its ability to launch massive numbers of missiles into Israel, effectively allowing it to subvert anti-missile defenses. Consider if Hezbollah's Zelzal-2 missiles were armed with a chemical or nuclear warhead; after all, they have an effective payload capacity of 1000 kg.

Israel is not safe; Israel can defeat it's enemies, but Israel cannot guarantee it's own security with aggression. It can guarantee mutually assured destruction, but that's no good in a world of extremist who believe in Martyrdom.

I hope that Israel wakes up soon; those in power should realize that it's better to maintain the status quo than push for radical change, because political and military realities are quite fluid, and WMD equalizes the playing field between state and non-state actors.

Israeli aggression, and Israeli attacks against civilians (even if it is only colateral damage) will result in significant long term consequences. I hope Israel wakes up to this risk, and beyond that, I hope that the U.S. is not stupid enough to tie it's long term political future to the future of Israel.

At some point, policy makers need to be ready to cut and run, and politically, we've reached that point with Israel.