Another stupid 'my corner of the web' blog. I plan on this being my outlet for frustration long after my friends have died of boredom listening to me rail for/against "The Man". Then, instead of complaining, I'll just point my friends here!


Why is it that as soon as a nice warm day comes along (in the case for Chicago folk it was last Sunday’s record breaking 80 degrees!) it’s an immediate declaration that its time for spring attire? Since our nice little global warming awakening on Sunday, I have done nothing but where my little jean jacket wherever I go… and yes, it has gone back down into the 40’s…in fact it was within 24 hours that we were seeing the 40 degree difference.

But two months ago, had I seen on the news (which I wouldn’t have, because who needs to listen to those farmers almanac reading Meterologists….yes, that profession is a joke)… that the forecasted temperatures would have been in the 40’s, my little brain would have acknowledged that, oh, 40 degrees is only 8 degrees Fahrenheit above freezing, and I would have immediately thrown on my nice, warm, winter jacket, gloves too!… but no, since our warm day… even 40’s seems tolerable in a little jean jacket.….heck its just a few degrees less than warm, its no biggie. In fact the declaration I speak of was so profound for my friend, “cents” that at these recent temperatures, he felt no jacket was needed…

So yes, Chicagoans are a strange breed. We are out in the 40s with jean jackets, 50’s with shorts, and 60’s well after a long winter of subzero temps, that certainly calls for some t-shirt action (unless you are “cents” of whom since Sunday has declared no jackets until next snowfall…but, little does he know, that could happen any day now…or then again it could be 80 tomorrow…ah yes, you must love this city to live here…and I do…in fact tonight, I am going to a new neighborhood called Pilsen…and if you live on the North Side (above the Ike) traveling to Pilsen is like going to visit a foreign country… I must admit when I heard Pilsen, I was like whoo, scary, south side…yes, that is a common misconception for us northsiders…I say that like I should have a flag outside my house showing pride…haha, but there is so much I haven’t seen or done in this city, so why I am taking the foreign trip “down there”

…hey do I get miles for that?
More updates tomorrow on my exciting adventure..

I am nuts, he is cents


We have to get back to posting.... its been too long. Its like my friends do it, so why dont I? haha, peer pressure... ah the pressure, of a BLOG!

You know what came to mind when I wrote that last sentence...the part of Pretty Woman, where they (prostitute 1 and prostitute 2) are trying to figure out who it (selling their bodies) really works for...and Julia tells prostitute 2 (cant for the life of me remember her name) to give her the name of just one person it has worked for.... and she sits there, ponders a moment with her fingers pressed against her temples and says...ah the pressure (pause) of a name! Moments later she cries out, in the unedited version...CINDER-FUCKIN-RELLA. Sorry Mom, I posted a fould word.

I could be doing a million other things right now (currently I am seated at the desk in my workplace ..whoops) but I am vicariously rebelling against the man... the man we speak of just happens to be off today.

So in reality if I was strong enough to rebel, I think that would need to take place when he is instead i am sneakily rebelling and posting and surfing and shopping and messaging..and all the other fun things you can do while you are strapped to your chair with the burden of Adulthood and responsibility hanging over my head.

The idea of writing my resignation resounds in my mind daily... being in charge of my own success sounds like a fabulous dream..but then reality strikes in and bills are due, and health insurance is needed, and that corporate slum's only redeeming quality shines through, the promise of check arriving every two weeks. It may not even be enough to cover my needs (which it isn't), but the assurance that at 12:01 every other friday morning money will be there.

Break Time... too much water again.

I just took a little break to the loo, and do you know what I found unused tampon opened, out of package, resting peacefully on the brushed metal paper holder. Unfortunately I had already assumed the stance by the time I recognized what I saw, so I sat there quietly contemplating the actions of my peers. Who does that? How did the rightful owner of most necessary commodity, just decide that she would leave it for the viewing pleasure of the next pee dancing patron. Surely, if I hadnt waited so long, I wouldnt have had to dance my way into the stall at the complete disregard of what surrounded me. Big High Five to my coworkers...thats the kind of high class force we have here.

Maybe if I werent blogging, I would have taken my loo break earlier, and avoided this dreadful scene.

I am off to message, surf, and shop some more...


I am Nuts...he is cents :)